How the power of friends and Facebook helped recover our stolen equipment

How a great gig turned sour On Saturday past, like many Saturdays, we were out working at a wedding. Unlike many weddings, last Saturday's went swimmingly to plan.  We played a full set, had everyone enjoying themselves and finished with a bang. Then we packed up for the night. With a bit of time to spare, we thought we'd finish the night off by taking advantage of last orders at The Balmoral Hotel, in Belfast.   Our good fortune continued when we discovered that there was a really good musician playing in a lounge. One who could actually play. A rare vision in this particular venue. We settled down and enjoyed some lovely cold pints after a hard few hours work. When we returned to the van (designated driver controlling the keys), our good mood came crashing down with the realisation that someone had broken into it. Collectively, our hearts stopped as we began to check around in disbelief. To our shock we discovered that a small number of items had been stolen. However those items where the most valuable and personal to us. Our guitars. Only … Read More »

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