Maura – The Liveliest Bride of the Year

We’ve come across all types of brides as we take our wedding band across Nothern Ireland and Ireland as a whole.  Some are quiet, timid young ladies. Most are pleasant and friendly.  And some can be as dull as dish water, to be honest.

Then there are brides like Maura who got married yesterday!  Maura is fun, lively and a bit on the crazy side!

Maura asked us to play whatever songs we we wanted to play – “Your the experts, so go for it” she said, “as long as there are no slow songs because I want to dance to every single song”, she added.

And she did dance!  She was never off the floor and encouraged everyone to join her.

She came on to the stage 10 minutes before we were due to get started and said, “Right, start our first dance now! I´m raring to get going!”  And off she went dancing for the next 2 hours.

The Belfast Girl Plays The Bodhran


Half way through the set Maura came on stage again.  This time, she brought her bodhran to join us in playing the Steve Earle/Mundy hit “Galway Girl”.  There she sat, pride of place, in the centre of the stage, with her new husband Damien watching intently, and she played til her arm nearly fell off!  The crowd loved it.  And so did we.

A dream bride for a wedding band.

Maura was a dream bride for a wedding band.  Why? Well for three reasons:

  1. She recognised our experience, expertise and professionalism from this web site.
  2. She left us to get on with doing what we do best – entertaining wedding guests.
  3. She jumped right in, enjoyed her evening without a care, and encouraged every other guest to do the same!

Well done Maura.  We´re delighted you chose us as your wedding band.  You are without a doubt the liveliest bride of the year!

And all the very best of luck to Damien, her new husband.  You´ve chosen a beautiful and fun bride.

But oh my god, you will have your hands full!