Denis & Mick’s New Arrival

We had a full weekend off this week. 

As big Davy Maguire ( the best drummer in Ireland ) would joke..

“It was our first weekend off in 6 years and the last for another 6 years”

Anyway, during a night out on the town, I met Denise.  We played at Denise and Micks wedding down in Athlone some time ago and they sent us a lovely note of thanks.

I recall it was a great night. We stayed over and got rat-faced in the residents bar along with the wedding guests!

A new arrival


Denise was telling me they´ve a new addition to the family – a lovely daughter.   So, congratulations to both her and to Mick.

Is this our first suspect baby?

It got me wondering.  Is this the first Usual Suspect Wedding Baby?

I wonder how many of the other happy couples have added to their number?

We´d love to hear from them again if they´ve heard the patter of tiny feet since we last saw them.

I´d also like to give off if they didn´t book us for the christening do!!