How the power of friends and Facebook helped recover our stolen equipment

On Saturday past, like many Saturday’s, we were out working at a wedding. With a bit of time to spare, we thought we’d finish the night off by taking advantage of last orders. When we returned to the van we were shocked with the realisation that someone had broken into it.

To our shock we discovered that a small number of items had been stolen. However those items where the most valuable and personal to us. Our guitars. They had been callously stolen by some low-life thief. A thief who couldn’t possibly comprehend that the personal value of what he was stealing far outweighed the few pounds he might get by selling them.

Then we reached out to the people we knew would care about our predicament. We reached out to our fellow musicians, our friends and our extended families. We reached out using what has become the most efficient means of reaching out – Facebook. The support from our circle of friends and their circles was humbling. The result was unbelievable.

Maura – The Liveliest Bride of the Year

We’ve come across all types of brides as we take our wedding band across Nothern Ireland and Ireland as a whole.  Some are quiet, timid young ladies. Most are pleasant and friendly.  And some can be as dull as dish water, to be honest. Then there are brides like Maura who got married yesterday!  Maura […]

Denis & Mick’s New Arrival

We had a full weekend off this week.  As big Davy Maguire ( the best drummer in Ireland ) would joke.. “It was our first weekend off in 6 years and the last for another 6 years” Anyway, during a night out on the town, I met Denise.  We played at Denise and Micks wedding down […]