Top Wedding Band Questions

Top Questions When Booking A Wedding Band

Are The Usual Suspects available to play at my wedding?

We have a handy online tool that will let you check our diary and get a price. If we are free, you can enter your details and get a price! Simplez!

How much will The Usual Suspects charge to play my wedding?

Pricing is based on the location of the reception.

We are a compact three piece band with few of the large overheads of bigger bands (agents, roadies and prima donnas!). So, we can guarantee to give you a very reasonable price for a fantastic night´s entertainment. Please use our online tool to check our diary and get a price.

How long will The Usual Suspects play for?

After years of experience, we believe that the most workable schedule for wedding entertainment is approximately:
Band Setup: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Band Play: 8.30pm – 10.30pm
Evening Buffet: 10.30pm – 11.00pm
Disco Play: 11.00pm – 1am

However, these are only suggestions and we are happy to be flexible around your particular requirements.

The band will play for a maximum of two hours. The timing of the two hours of actual playing time can be flexible to suit your needs on the day. We will chat with you closer to your big day, when all of your hotel arrangements are finalised, to agree our timings with you.

What Music Will The Usual Suspects play?

The Usual Suspects play a wide and varied range of music – suitable for all age groups and tastes.  In essence, our current list of songs includes everything from Sinatra to Snow Patrol!

Remember, brides and grooms spend a lot of their reception mingling and talking with their guests. So, while some of our music may not be to your personal taste, you can rest assured that we will be working away to ensure we’ve played something for everyone while you are “doing the rounds”! 

Can The Usual Suspects provide a disco too?

The Usual Suspects can include a professional DJ as part of your entertainment. This will provide you with a one-stop entertainment package, a single point of contact and perfect coordination between the band and DJ during setup and changeover on the night.

We provide a professional and highly experienced DJ with a full disco set up. Band members do not double up as DJ. Our DJ works with us every weekend and fully compliments the music we play to ensure all tastes in music are covered.

If you require a disco with the band, then please select this option when you check our diary and get a price.

How Will You Play Our First Dance?

We will download the original versions of your special songs and play them as your first dances just before the band begins. This ensures you get the exact version of your first dance song. The number of “First Dances” you have is, of course, your personal preference, but most often there are two songs.

The first song is for the bride and groom to dance alone, the second song is where the wedding party join the bride and groom to dance.

Alternatively, the bridal party may join the bride and groom half way through their first dance. This is especially useful if the bride and groom are a little shy and don’t fancy dancing the four minute “awkward shuffle” on their own!

Sometimes there may be a song where the bride/groom may wish to dance with their parent(s) or for some other personal and special reason. This is usually the last of the “First Dances”.

Where Can We See The Usual Suspects play?

As the majority of our bookings are for private individuals or businesses, it can prove difficult to get to see us.

That’s why we have provided some examples of us playing right here on our site. You can play the tracks and make up your mind about how professional we sound. We´re sure you´ll enjoy what you hear.

If you have any difficulties downloading or playing the tracks, then just contact us and we´ll be delighted to email you a copy and tell you if we are playing a wedding in your area!

Do you have more questions?

If we haven´t answered your questions here, then just contact us and we´ll be delighted to answer all your concerns!